How It Works

1. Accept the invitation

Apply to a Money Club by clicking the button below, get screened and get invited to a Money Club.

2. Pool In

Pool money with other verified members and get ready to bid in real time.

3. Bid in real time

Bid for the pooled (club) amount in real time on the app. The highest bidder wins the pooled amount.

4. Pick Money

Club members transfer funds directly into your bank account and your bid amount is shared among them.

Happy & Satisfied Money Clubbers

Saved, Borrowed & Invested money in Money Clubs

Amazing and reliable way to save money and get it when you want. This app takes the traditional Indian "committee" system to a whole new level. The good thing is members are well screened before joining.

Ravi Chhetri Faridabad, India

Yeah,this is the only one stop solution for all your financial constraints,you can earn money and some good friends as well.Really appreciable concept of this platform.

Sukhmander Kaur Mohali, India

Very useful app, for needy people...who are need in small amount....really awesome's really next generation chit fund app.

S Rajababu Karimnagar, India
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